Welcome to Drunk Penguin!

Welcome to Drunk Penguin, a blog created to share Production Engineering thoughts, stories and ideas. As a DevOps working in Limassol Cyprus and often remotely, I hope to share my notes, journey, and lessons with my fellow yuppies. Although this is primarily targeted to Linux Administartors, this blog will touch on many topics that are relevant to both new and experienced admins.

About me

My name is Stelios and I am a Production Engineer. I am highly skilled in Linux Systems (Debian/Ubuntu/RedHat/CentOS) and Unix in general, with 9 years’ experience.
I have graduated with a BSc in Computer Science from Queen Mary's University of London and hold a Masters Degree in Information Systems from the Open University of Cyprus, both with honors.
I have been working in IT since 2008. I am a founding member of the Free and Open Source Software in Cyprus.
My IT skills range from general Linux systems administration, security hardening, web related services, email services, databases, deployment automation, virtualization, Docker containers and networking. I have worked as software developer and I am highly skilled in a number of programming languages. I am also obsessive in documenting everything I do.
I am highly adaptive person and a fast learner. Although I’m LPI and MacOS certified, most of my skills have been acquired from my own personal interest and effort and stretch beyond that. Through years of working with IT systems, I have also developed very important skills in troubleshooting and tracking down of problems, whether they are system, network or application related.